Published by Mr. Yacoub Nakhla Rofela in 1898. This is the first book published in Arabic and deals with the history of the Copts. He studies the material and manuscripts which were available in the Churches and Monasteries. It was the first book that revealed the political, social, and economic status of the Copts in Egyptian society and the relation with the governors over time. It was also the first book to draw attention to the importance of protecting the Coptic antiquities and the old Coptic manuscripts, as well as the need to have a Coptic Library and a Coptic Museum.

The Foundation republished this book in its original format in the year 2000. We are in the process of having a third edition. The book is still available in the Foundation for only 10 dollars for the paper cover edition and 15 dollars for the hardcover edition. This book is a must read.