Nag Hammadi - Esna Symposium | Nequada Monastires

The other monasteries photographed were:

  • Deir Abu-Lif, The Monastery of St. Andrews
  • Deir al-Malak, The Monastery of Archangel Michael
  • Abu Seifien, The Monastery of Saint Philopater
  • Deir Anba Bisintius, The Monastery of Abbot Pisentius
  • Deir al-Magma, The Monastery of Saint George
  • Deir Mari Buqtur, The Monastery of Saint Boktor

The photographs of the other monasteries were done as part of an initial survey process and consequently may not be the same level of quality as the photographs at Deir al-Salib. They are intended to capture the scope of the project as each monastery and church offers its own unique challenges. While maintaining the quality of these scouting photographs was a concern, most were taken either handheld, or with flash, and consequently are not as sharp and clear as would be expected from the final product.