Aug 27, 2014

St. Mark Foundation will organize its Seventh Symposium on : " Christianity and Monasticism in Egypt from the north of Oxyhrynchus to the Mediterranian Sea EXCLUDING al Fayoum, Wadi al-Natrun and Alexandria " , that will be held in Dayr Mar Mina at King Maryoot from  Feb. 8-12   2015 ,  under the Auspices of His Holiness  Pope Tawadros II  and hosted by His Grace. Bishop  Kyrollos  the Abbot of the Dayr.

25 Speakers will participate.  Very LIMITED number of places are available. Subscription Fees will be L.E.  1200.00  including transportation and accomodation.

For further information, please contact:-  0100  1105025   -  E.Mail:-