The mission: "Re-Study & Re-Write the Coptic History "

Restoration of Coptic Manuscripts
His Holiness Pope Shenouda III asked St. Mark Foundation to restore about 300 Coptic Manuscripts of Quoseriet Al Ryhan and Abu Sefein old churches. Archdeacon Rushdi Wassef on behalf of the Foundation coordinated restoration wit St. Mena Monasteries. The job was completed and St. Mark Foundation was responsible for all expenses. The restoration has been accomplished and the manuscripts are saved at St. Bishoy Monastery.

Support of Research and Grants
St. Mark foundation coordinated with Dr. Elizabeth Bolman to submit the site of St. Shenouda and St. Bishay monasteries to World Monument Watch for consideration. The WMW acknowledged the monasteries as one of the most endangered sites in the world. This acknowledgement facilitated obtaining a grant of 500,000 dollars to restore St. Bishay monastery and its most valuable painting

Documenting the Monasteries and Old Churches
Egypt had the largest number of monasteries in the whole world. Some of the non-active ones are used as churches. The number of existing ruins exceeds the hundred. The monasteries and the old churches are our heritage, they have the real Coptic art and they carry the real Coptic history. The monks in the some of them tried to restore or renovate the monasteries with primitive methods and lost or covered some valuable treasures.

Symposia to document the history of early Christianity, Monasteries, Convents and their status
Monasticism started with the early Christianity in Egypt. Monasteries and Convents existed allover the country. The writings and manuscripts by the monks provided us with a lot of invaluable information about the Coptic history, traditions, and art. We defined the ereas where monasteries existed the most to hold a symposium in each one of these areas. We invited distinguished scholars from all over the world (from more than 10 Countries) and encouraged the monks and young egyptian scholars to participate. The proceedings of these symposia contained the newest information about the current status of these monasteries and the new discoveries in each.